Maximizing Sports Performance

sportsperformance1Eat Right, Reap the Benefits

As a former Division I athlete and leader in the field of sports nutrition, Dr. Heuer knows how proper nutrition can make the difference between a good athlete and a great one.

You’re a high school, college, recreational, or competitive athlete with the dedication and determination to follow advanced training techniques to become better, faster, and stronger. But do you share that same determination to improve your diet and nutrition to maximize your performance?

Your body needs carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and fluid to fuel it for exercise.

Even if you’re not in a sport that has a finish line, eating right means you are able to delay fatigue; it can allow you to push harder and recover faster. It can give you the edge you need to set a personal record. Without the proper calories, nutrients and fluid, your efforts could be unsuccessful.

Eating right will:

  • Help you train longer and at a higher intensity
  • Delay the onset of fatigue
  • Promote recovery
  • Help your body adapt to workouts
  • Improve body composition and strength
  • Enhance concentration
  • Help maintain healthy immune function
  • Reduce the chance of injury
  • Reduce the risk of heat cramps and stomach aches