The Program

Designed for a Lifetime of Weight Loss Success!

Dr. Heuer’s physician supervised weight loss program is designed to provide treatment, assistance and support to patients who are suffering from obesity and other weight-related problems. Heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, fatty liver disease, and Type II diabetes are just a few of the complications that can be the direct result of obesity. Dr. Heuer’s program includes the individual management of obesity with diet, exercise, behavioral therapy, and psychological counseling. In certain cases, medication for weight loss (pharmacotherapy) may be used.









An initial consultation with Dr. Heuer includes a focused medical evaluation for diseases related to obesity, a weight history (including past diet attempts), and a thorough psychological history. Additionally, extensive blood work will be done. Select patients will undergo exercise stress testing. Telemedicine consultations are available if an office visit is not possible as Dr. Heuer works remotely with patients all over the country.

Dr. Heuer builds an individualized meal plan for various lifestyle and medical conditions. She also explores the psychological factors that influence eating habits and behavior. In many cases, people who have difficulty with weight management face more emotional and psychological issues. Understanding what drives our decisions is often the key element to successful weight loss and maintenance.

Weight management is a partnership between the patient, his or her family and the physician. Many people can follow a diet and lose weight using one of the well-known commercial weight loss programs. The challenge, however, comes in maintaining the weight loss. Working with Dr. Heuer sets her patients up for a lifetime of success in the battle with weight. She is highly committed to her patients and makes herself available 24/7 for any additional support, guidance, or questions.

Pharmacotherapy –

What about medications for weight loss?

As we know from the obesity crisis in the US, the traditional model for weight loss in this country of diet and exercise doesn’t work for everyone. In some cases lifestyle change is not enough to control one’s weight and so long-term drug therapy (pharmacotherapy) may be necessary.

For many patients, pharmacotherapy plays a very important role in his or her success. The medications used by Dr. Heuer work with multiple mechanisms to promote weight loss. Each medication is tailored to each patient and serves as an adjunct to a solid program of lifestyle and diet management.